Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Windy wet Wednesday

It rained today. Purposefully. For two hours the electricity went off. I chuckled that in our ordered, organised and ordinary lives a little bit of rain, after weeks of drought, is enough to plunge us into darkness and sever us from our digital reality. My neighbour and I both wandered aimlessly to and fro, unplugged, undone.

The alders by the pond grow greener by the hour as the hormonal, hydraulic, genetic, energetic might of spring barges across the landscape. No power-cuts here.

Today I received many photos from recent trips to Sri Lanka and India. Here, from my friend Anne-Marie Kalus, are beautiful images from our recent Blue Whales and Leopards tour. There the sun still shines, no doubt. Here we are glad of the rain.

                                         Pygmy blue whale deep dive

                                         Gray's spinner dolphins

                                         Jungle cat by night

                                         Female Loten's sunbird

                                         Lotus and lesser whistling-duck

                                         Ruddy mongoose

                                         Toque macaque

                                         Asian elephant mother and infant  

                                         Chestnut-headed bee-eater

                                         Male leopard waking

                                         Male leopard awake

                                         Male leopard prowling

                                         Equally magnificent male mammal

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