Wednesday, 11 April 2012

A rare distinction

Six fieldfares chack-a-chack-chack over my morning run, like the sucking of wellies out of mud. The birches along my route are loud with the liquid loveliness of willow warblers. Everybody's heading north, at difference paces and to different places.

I too head north, though not very far: to West Runton to lead a walk on Norfolk's prehistory. Here dove's-foot crane's-bill and common stork's-bill flower by the roadside and the Ice Age rubble tumbling down the cliffs is bright with the happy egg-yolk yellow flowers of colt's-foot. I drink green tea and catch up with Louise and my friends at West Runton Beach Café, where I'm given a lovely mug and afforded a rare distinction. Thanks Louise.

West Runton elephant mug. Get yours at West Runton Beach Café.

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