Monday, 9 April 2012

Gusts and greys

Easter goes with blossom-jumbling gusts and greys. Cow parsley blooms, in spite, a month too soon and by the river, in an over-tumbling willow, a cap-black blackcap chacks. Marsh harriers dive and yelp over my godmother's house and all along her lane rain-muddied furrows flash with the jasper eyes of hares.

In hedges the trilling timidity of long-tailed tits, and in the bridal bumble-trumpets of dead-nettles comes the spring. Gusts, gusts and greys but spring comes.

The levity of a little leveret is something which is not only necessary in the hare world but in the world of humans. We need a little of hare nature, the flash and sniff and the listening ears. Because in order to be fully human we need nature.

Jay Griffiths
A Tender Wildness (a speech delivered to the Norfolk Biodiversity Partnership, October 2009)

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