Thursday, 5 April 2012

New bees and old friends

Bees in the spring-cold Community Roots Garden in Yarmouth today: buff-tailed bumble, white-tailed bumble, early bumble, common carder, Anthophora plumipes and the fast-colonising tree bumble. Let it colonise as, fox-red on its thorax and white at the tip of its abdomen, it's a beauty. Also here, the NWT education dream-team, Gemma, Suzie, Jo, Bee, and Vicky, and our friend, wise, wonderful whittler, willow-wrestler and weaver of tales Tim Willey. It's a privilege to work with such remarkable people.

Many a muntjac was along the river this evening and many a hare in the fields. On the pond a moorhen mother marshals her tiny, new-hatched inkspot of a chick. As I write the day dies and a barn owl flies across the common, carrying a vole. A life, a death, a life.

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