Thursday, 5 April 2012

Deer here, deer there

The barnacle geese clang and clatter over my house at first light, a piping pair of oystercatchers in their wake. The lesser black-backs begin their deep yodel too, a first attempt at spring duetting. By this pond sleep comes dropping slow, so I get up and go for a run: chiffchaff, willow warbler, blackcap, robin, dunnock and song thrush singing, rook cawing delightedly, jay shrieking, a harrier drifting through the tops of the reeds. Along the river bank the strong scent-cloud of a fox and, this time, no stops for breath. I stop just twice: once to check the fresh slots of a red deer and once out of respect for the pied and chestnut horses by the bridge, who don't like it if you run.

Today I'm supporting Norfolk Wildlife Trust at an event in Great Yarmouth. This is part of Wild Norfolk, a huge three-year project helping people in the county's towns to discover urban wildlife. I'm expecting herring gulls in silvery spring plumage on the rooftops and harriers along the Acle Straight.

From red deer at home to spotted deer in India. These photos have kindly been sent by Ian and Tracey Quennell who joined us in Central India on a magnificent Tiger Direct tour last month.

                                                       Chewing chital

                                         Golden jackals in Pench

                                         Male nilgai in Pench


                                                       Gaur mother and calf

                                                      Hathi walle at work

                                                       Four-year-old tigress in Bishanpura, Kanha

                                         Hard-ground barasingha in Sondar meadow, Kanha

                                                       Southern plains grey langur

                                         Jungle cat by day

                                         Chhoti Mata in Mukki, Kanha

                                         Happy Naturetrekkers who have just seen Chhoti Mata

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