Tuesday, 3 April 2012

F1 and family

My friends Sheila and John Winton, who with a group of their friends travelled with Sujan and me through Assam over Christmas in 2010, have sent these photos of a glorious tiger family we were blessed to watch in Tadoba two weeks ago. This is the family of F1, the oldest identifiable tigress in Tadoba. Her four cubs, three females and a male, are eighteen months old and are both ineffably beautiful and dippily friendly. Long, long may these incomparable animals roam the wild dry forests of Maharashtra.

Sheila is from Suffolk and, since I'm from a finer county to the north, we maintain a friendly rivalry. Sending her photos, she writes that she has been reading Compare the Marsh Tit: You will go far. Not many people can make Norfolk sound interesting!

                                         One of F1's female cubs sniffing a tree

                                         The same cub in the flehmen response

                                          F1's family play-fighting in the Pandherpauni water-hole

                                         F1 with her male cub

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