Monday, 26 March 2012

Jungli billi

24th March

A quiet day on the carnivore front and a long day too. Just two new birds to declare: a white-rumped needletail this morning and a brown-capped pygmy woodpecker in dry scrub on the plateau above Mukki this evening. Near here was the best of the three jungle cats I’ve seen on this tour, sitting ramrod straight like an Egyptian god and glowing gold in the dying light of the day. Green eyes and a knowing grin: I do love jungle cats.

New today


white-rumped needletail
Zoonavena sylvatica
brown-capped pygmy woodpecker
Dendrocopos nanus

2012 Totals
Mammals: 54
Birds: 432
Reptiles: 12
Amphibians: 3
Fish: 2

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