Thursday, 8 March 2012

From our New Jersey correspondent

My great friend Chris Vogel in New Jersey sends news and pictures of the arrival of spring:

Today I added piping plover, lesser yellowlegs and laughing gull. The gull and the plover mean winter she is no more. And while I think it may, on closer investigation, be a tad too early for skinks, I am attaching some pictures of one of the mourning cloaks I saw today. It was glorious: one stretch of road had six basking on it. I will cede great northern diver is a much cooler name, but I much prefer mourning cloak to Camberwell beauty. To me that just sounds like some popular song for the parlour piano c.1880.

I’ve also sent a pic of river otter tracks I happened upon in the dunes the other day. Surprised I haven’t seen one yet. And there is one of my nextdoor neighbor’s daffodils to remind your sunburnt hide how good spring feels, in that beating your head against the wall ‘cause it’s so nice when you stop sort of way. I must move to the tropics.

                                      Mourning cloak in Cape May, New Jersey

                                      North American river otter tracks

                                      Daffodils in Cape May

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