Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The good, the good and the ugly

For two hours this morning we watched a single blue whale, with no other boats in sight, as it repeatedly surfaced, blew and dived: bliss. This afternoon, a different strain of bliss: a visit to the beautiful Buddhist temple of Wawurukannala, near Matara.

Before tomorrow's travel to Yala in search of leopards, many thanks are due to the crew of our boat for three splendid days on the high seas: Dinesh, Janaka, Rashitha and Nalinda, thank you. Thanks also to you, doughty readers of Compare the Marsh Tit, for following me around the world, and particular thanks to those who have been kind enough to write in the past few days to say you're enjoying the journey. It's good to have you on board.

Again courtesy of my friend Anne-Marie Kalus, here are a few photos to illustrate the wonders we've been seeing at sea over the past three days: the good, the good and the ugly.

                                          Spinner dolphins

                                          Pygmy blue whale blowing

                                          Pygmy blue whale with damaged dorsal fin

                                          Pygmy blue whale deep dive

                                          Pygmy blue whale with white mark on tail

                                          Very happy whale-watcher with pygmy blue whale

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