Monday, 26 March 2012

18 : 0

21st March

Our last safari in Pench this morning brought no tigers. That’s eighteen drives I’ve now taken in this park over the years, without once seeing a tiger. There were many delights today though, among them a forest wagtail, in company with a grey wagtail, happily tiptoeing over the mud at the edge of a lake. What’s more, in the forest in Pench and in the forest as we reached Kanha this evening, I saw greater racket-tailed drongos, the most resplendent and unlikely of all India’s drongos and the last of the seven species I shall see on this trip to South Asia.

This evening we are at Kanha Jungle Lodge, my favourite lodge in all India. Just as our hosts Tarun and Dimple welcomed us to the lodge, another giant flying squirrel left its hole and bounced up a sal tree by the dining room to glide away into the coming night.

Night, yes, and sleep. Tomorrow we’re off to the forest. I’ll tell you what we see.

New this morning


forest wagtail
Dendronanthus indicus
greater racket-tailed drongo
Dicrurus paradiseus

2012 Totals
Mammals: 54
Birds: 423
Reptiles: 11
Amphibians: 3
Fish: 2

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