Thursday, 17 December 2015

My Cley

My grandfather was for many years the village doctor in Blakeney. My father grew up riding his horse along the lanes and across the farms and heaths around Blakeney and Cley. I was at school just up the road in Holt and every week a benign biology teacher, now among my dearest friends, would smuggle me from the formality of school onto Cley Marshes to learn about birds. I am still learning today, every day.

For these and many more reasons Cley to Salthouse is the Norfolk Wildlife Trust Living Landscape project which I love most, where I am most at home. The film we made at Cley with Mustard TV (with a cameo appearance by Sir David Attenborough as he opened the Simon Aspinall Wildlife Education Centre) was the last in our series and was aired last week. It is also available on the Norfolk Wildlife Trust website.

And now, in a world exclusive, it is also brought to you by a lowly marsh tit. With cold toes as it happens. Should have stayed in Spain.

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  1. Just watched the film on Cley and, surprise surprise, Trevor! I'm so pleased to have introduced the two of you (great film too) xx