Wednesday, 9 December 2015


Good news from Tadoba in Central India, from where my friend Chirag Roy, a gifted naturalist and communicator at Svasara (also rescuer of cobras and spotter of rusty-spotted cats), sends these photos of Maya. On 5th March she became the first of the 13 tigers I saw in India this year. She's seen here with her three growing cubs, result of her dalliances with Tadoba's male tigers in the spring. Thank you Chirag for the news and your photos; thank you to the people of Tadoba for protecting this beautiful young family; and thank you Maya, just for being you.

Maya and two of her cubs by Chirag Roy

Maya's three cubs by Chirag Roy

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  1. Not sure if you felt the shock from India, but on March 1, 2016, Chirag Roy was bitten by a cobra during a rescue and after a 4 hour drive to a doctor, died of anaphylactic shock after "receiving uncontrolled amounts of anti-venom (15 vials)."
    Chirag was our naturalist at Tadoba, just this February. We shared stories and wildlife experiences, with him and Rishin Basu Roy. We all Facebook'd each other, planning to stay in touch. I learned the news of this terrible tragedy via Rishin's Facebook page. - Marina Chang Harrison