Saturday, 5 December 2015

Lynx lore

The Iberian lynx is now - quite rightly - held dear by the people of Andalucía and is prominent in art, tourism and education, especially in Doñana and Andújar. Here then are a few of many lynx-related images and experiences from the ten days I've just spent in the south of Spain.

Iberian lynx tile in the Hotel Toruño, El Rocío

Lynx footprint in the Raya Blanca, Doñana

Lynx footprint in the Raya Blanca, Doñana

Eucalyptus stumps arranged in a corral, to create good breeding habitat
for rabbit colonies (essential for lynxes) and protect them from
predation of kittens by wild boar

Iberian lynx conservation poster

Iberian lynx (and mallard) carving
at La Rocina

Lynx habitat at La Rocina

Lynx track interpretation at La Rocina

Ladder of trunks to help lynx (and other animals)
get over roadside fences near Matalascañas

Caution Lynx Crossing sign in Doñana

Lynxes on a plate at Hotel Toruño

Naturetrekkers searching for lynx
in Andújar Natural Park

Caution Lynx Crossing sign
in Andújar Natural Park

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