Monday, 13 April 2015

Manisha and the lions

During my last two weeks in India I travelled in Gujarat with the charming, utterly brilliant Manisha Rajput. Here she shares some of her experiences with the Asiatic lions of Gir

Manisha and the marsh tit in the Great Rann
by Paul Marchant

Brothers Ram and Shyam in Gir
by Manisha's and my very good friend Sujan Chatterjee
(If you're reading this Sooj, Manisha gave them to me.)

Shyam by Sujan Chatterjee

Jungle cat in Velavadar by Sujan Chatterjee

Rusty-spotted cat in Girnar
taken on Manisha's phone from the back of her friend's camera
(Rusties, as everyone knows, don't exist.)

Thank you Manisha, and your lions, for a remarkable safari in Gujarat.

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  1. Very many thanks to you, Nick, and to Manisha for a terrific trip to Gujarat, a fascinating corner of India. Sorry to read of your continued travails when you should have had some proper r&r between tours, but Sabah is a brilliant place and I'm sure you'll be up and running again very soon. Good luck with the clouded leopards.