Wednesday, 29 April 2015

From Pench

Today I received this photo from my friends Graham and Tina who travelled with me in British Columbia last year and in India last month. It is of Collar Wali, an elderly Pench tigress. She was special to them because, after days of bad luck in Tadoba, she was their first ever tiger, seen on their first drive in Pench. She was special to me because all of my jeeps saw her that morning, plus one of her two-year-old male cubs the afternoon of the same day; for many of my clients she was likewise their first tiger.

I well remember my own first tigers, a mother and a three-month-old cub in Ranthambore, a decade ago. After many subsequent tigers, they walk with me still.

Collar Wali in Pench by Graham Nuthall

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