Saturday, 18 April 2015

By night

On this evening's river cruise we saw yet more marvellous creatures of the Bornean night: two greater mouse-deer, a huge saltwater crocodile, a reticulated python, a Malay civet and half a dozen buffy fish owls. However it is eleven at night and my working day began at half past six this morning. Tomorrow we move to Tabin where, if all goes according to plan, I shall be up all night for six nights. As wonderful as civets and owls and crocodiles are, it's time I slept.


  1. Hello Nick,
    Please can you tell your bat-o-phile that his daughter is following your blog too...and she's very jealous (also tell him mum's too busy with Poldark to be too lonely...). The wildlife you're seeing sounds wonderful, I wish I were there.
    Best wishes for the rest of your trip,
    R. regulus

  2. Sorry not to have replied before. As your dad will have told you by now, the tour was full-on and in Tabin there was no wifi. It was a tremendous privilege to travel with him, a privilege I hope to repeat in the future.