Sunday, 26 April 2015

Gross selfification

I had never until late last year possessed at smart phone. I had also never travelled with a camera. I had therefore, quite obviously, never taken a selfie. I had certainly never felt the need to do so.

Then in Ngorongoro in January this year I was watching a male lion and it occurred to me that it would be fun to post a selfie with him on my blog. Many people commented on it, so I took some more with my friend Denzel the yak in Hemis National Park, Ladakh, in February.

Friends and clients have started to comment on my selfies so, quite without my planning it, they have become a fixture of my blog and something of a daft habit. Today at Lok Kawi Wildlife Park I clicked some real scorchers.

Marsh tit and southern cassowary

Marsh tit and common ostrich

Marsh tit and banteng

Marsh tit and amorous rhinoceros hornbill

Marsh tit and Bornean pygmy elephants

I should get so lucky

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