Sunday, 18 January 2015

International Bluewater Hand Signals

This post, I admit, is a bit niche and has little to do with cats, but it will mean a lot if you were there. Here is my brilliant friend Tim Irvin, with whom the equally delightful Mat Janeway, Steve Roberts and I developed the International Bluewater Hand Signals on the Island Roamer last September, while leading Naturetrek's cruise in search of spirit bears, grizzlies and humpback whales in British Columbia. In seventeen years I have never worked with such a talented team or laughed so much on tour. (But Tim, you forgot rhinoceros auklet, fin whale, California gull and Steller's sealion. Another video is required.)

The wildlife was phenomenal too.

Grizzly bear by my friend and colleague
Carla Crossman

Humpback whale by Carla Crossman

Black bear by Carla Crossman

A marsh tit and his flock watching grizzlies by Tim Irvin

The Island Roamer and a marsh tit by Carla Crossman

The hooded merganser
(approved by International Bluewater Hand Signals)

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