Tuesday, 13 January 2015

#BigCatQuest video 1

So here is a first video about my Big Cat Quest, unedited (note to self: learn to edit video) and uploaded at low resolution (note to BT: North Norfolk deserves snappy broadband too). It also doesn't feature any impressive wild mammals. Later, I promise, there will be impressive wild mammals doing exciting things. For now there's just me. Low resolution me.

I'd like to thank my agent who has been a tower of strength throughout the whole creative process. I'd like to thank my scriptwriters who radiate extraordinary talent. I'd like to thank my make-up and prosthetics team. Finally I'd like to thank my family who have always believed I should get a proper job.

Seriously though I'd like to thank Naturetrek for thinking it was a good idea to send me romping over the world looking for cats, and my friend Deb Troy who let me appropriate her snow leopard Shey and take him to Ladakh each year.

Shey and a marsh tit in Ladakh, February 2013
Photo by Deb Troy

Shey and a marsh tit in Ladakh,
February 2014
Photo by Kenny Ross

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