Friday, 30 January 2015


It was jokingly suggested to me a couple of evenings ago, as I wore a Big Cat Quest t-shirt, that I should produce a range of merchandise. Quite independently, and equally light-heartedly, a bean-goose-spotting friend last night sent me this. I post it here with apologies to anyone whose photos he has filched. We will see many of these cats, but, given that Richard has seen four or five caracals in fifteen years as a driver-guide, and that wildcat is largely nocturnal and night drives are not permitted (I saw one in Ethiopia in November and wished it had waited a couple of months), I suspect that for Africa we're done. With cheetah, serval, leopard and lion all seen beautifully, living their wild lives, I am hugely happy.


  1. By strange coincidence, I just picked the Tiger during a game of 'Wild World Loto' with B and J. B has picked up an Armadillo.

  2. Haha! Start them early: it's a wild and wonderful world for them to explore. I'll try to see a real tiger for them next month! Armadillos will have to wait until October.