Wednesday, 6 June 2012

An Olympic endorsement

Among the biggest privileges of leading tours for Naturetrek is meeting people and becoming friends with them. A few years ago on a tiger tour in India I had as clients the head of sustainability of the London 2012 Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games and (if you're still with me after that job title) his lovely wife. I should have caught up with them both in the Broads last week but had to pull out because of recent events chez marsh tit. A day or two ago David wrote me a charming email with news of a swallowtail they had seen (in my absence, harumph) at How Hill, a Mediterranean gull offshore, and the wildlife that has chosen to live at the Olympic venues:

Back at work I was delighted to hear a black redstart singing from the temporary stands at the Olympic Aquatics Centre. In fact it was all very distracting as I was doing a TV interview at the time and I wanted them to be interested in this invisible bird up in the rafters, but to no avail. We also have sand martin and grey wagtail breeding on the site so things are going well there. Keep the marsh tit blog going.

Thank you David and Jan; for the time being, I shall. This time next week I shall be in Peru so this list of vertebrates (a pleasing 555 species so far) should be in for a growth spurt.

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