Sunday, 14 June 2015

From Borneo

This week I received these lovely photos from my great friend Kenny Ross, reminding me of a fantastic month spent with Naturetrek in the sweaty forests of Sabah, Borneo. Thanks Kenny for sharing them.

Bornean pygmy elephants along the Kinabatangan River

Long-tailed macaque

Roosting black-and-red broadbills

Reticulated python

Blue-eared kingfisher

White-nest swiftlets

Black-nest swiftlets

Bornean orangutan

Collared kingfisher

Sunda pig-tailed macaques begging for a caption

Leopard cat

White-crowned hornbill

Common palm-civet

Malay civet

Buffy fish-owl
Plain pygmy-squirrel

East Bornean grey gibbon

Bornean slow loris

Leopard cat

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