Monday, 2 March 2015

An iPhone in Hemis

Hemis National Park in winter is a place of rare beauty. During our stay there I took these photos of its landscapes, its harsh grandeur, its friendly people and their livestock.

Denzel the yak

On our first night a client heard a landslide.
It turned out to be the latrine collapsing.

Crossing a frozen river in the Rumbak gorge

Scanning for snow leopards

My tent in the snow

Denzel selfie

Sonam's snow leopard print

The younger Sonam



Angchok and Norboo

Konchok searching Rumbak Sumdo

Angchok and a marsh tit

Petroglyphs in the Husing Valley

Latrine repairs in progress

Temporary tent latrine

Iced water. The coldest night this year reached
eleven degrees below zero. 

A camp dismantled

The older Sonam, an expert snow leopard spotter

How Naturetrekkers celebrate their return to Leh
after successful snow leopard watching


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  2. Did Shey travel with you this year?