Wednesday, 18 March 2015

A video diary from Pench

Since recording this yesterday evening, we have seen another Pench tiger, as described here.

For the next four days I will be in beautiful Kanha National Park, in a lodge without wifi. Thereafter I move to Satpura; I have no idea whether I will be online there. I will post here when I next can. In the meantime stay safe and well. May tigers roam your dreams.


  1. Nick. The way you paint such a vivid picture with your words makes me feel as though I am one of your party and actually there with you. Sadly I'm not but thanks so much for giving me the illusion I am. Here's hoping all your gatekeepers play nicely from now on.

  2. Helloo! I've been reading with extra interest as I'm about to start following in your footsteps. Tomorrow I leave for Nagpur, arriving in Tadoba on Thursday 26th, and then to Pench, Satpura and a Kahna extension. In short, the Unknown India tour. What a shame our paths won't cross. Travel well xx