Friday, 27 July 2012

The rough with the smooth

The rough
Shame, shame and thrice shame on an oceanically ill-informed marsh tit. My friend Dawn Watson of Seasearch East just wrote to say that I'm guilty of marine mis-identification. The creature (indeed creatures) I proudly proclaim to be a sponge is (are) in fact finger bryozoa. It was very tactful of Dawn to point this out to me in private, rather than commenting directly on the video, though my shame is just as keen.

She also says that without sound I look as though I'm rapping. Dawn, Dawn, you were doing so well with the tact thing.

The smooth
In the National Marine Week video I clearly looked less like a caffeine-crazed meerkat than I gave myself credit for. The Wildlife Trusts have given it pride of place on the homepage of their website. I should add that any merits the video may have are wholly thanks to Rebecca, PR and Communications Manager at Norfolk Wildlife Trust and cinematic superstar.

The Academy Award for Best Original Bryozoa goes to...

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