Monday, 30 July 2012

The caffeine-crazed meerkat rides again (but it's all in a good cause)

I'm sorry to subject all you good marshtitters to more caffeine-induced bobbing and gurning but, like NWT's National Marine Week video last week, our Cley appeal video, released today, is too important for me not to plug it here. The only chunk of unprotected coastal marshes between Blakeney Point and Kelling Water Meadows has come up for sale for the first time in a generation. Honouring our founder's vision to preserve the county's unique habitats, Norfolk Wildlife Trust has stepped up and is buying the land, increasing our world-famous NWT Cley Marshes reserve by a third.

The snag is it'll cost us a million pounds.

I don't suppose you could spare us some change?

NWT Cley appeal video, reproduced with permission

I can hear four birds in the background: avocet, oystercatcher, little ringed plover and reed warbler. Can you add more?

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