Tuesday, 8 May 2012


In the evening a happy sun shreds the mercury clouds and over the river the swallows chime at a sparrowhawk lazy-flapping through a ball of swifts. Sparrowhawk, yes, I think, but now it's time I saw... and for the the third time this year my mind makes bird. Under the ponderous hawk a hobby strafes the dark-light sky: stiletto-winged perfection.

Reaching home, I think my excitement can grow no greater: a hobby is my favourite bird. But writing this post I gaze from my desk and yell bl**dy h*ll as an osprey flies over my house, over the pond, and away along the river. And now on the common a cuckoo sings.

New this evening


Eurasian hobby
Falco subbuteo

2012 Totals
Mammals: 56
Birds: 458
Reptiles: 12
Amphibians: 6
Fish: 3

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