Friday, 25 May 2012

Buzzard blizzard

Since my post yesterday morning, there has been much activity on the buzzard front, much witty, intelligent tweeting, much letter writing and much dismay at DEFRA's staggering loss of touch with ecological sense and the wishes of the electorate.

For my part I have written to DEFRA, to Richard Beynon MP and to my local MP explaining respectfully that I am wholly opposed to any measures which make the persecution of birds of prey easier or more acceptable. I still urge you to do so if you stand for a biodiverse Britain.

The Wildlife Trusts have entered the fray with a timely statement of opposition to attempts to weaken legal protection for buzzards. Mark Avery continues to agitate eloquently on the matter. His latest blog post is impassioned and well worth a read, as are many of the comments left by readers.

I explained DEFRA's plans to my hunting-shooting-fishing elder brother. He exclaimed, as I am sure do many shooting folk: That's absolutely ridiculous.

He's right too.

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