Thursday, 9 February 2012


For reasons quite beyond my understanding, odd things are happening to the format of my Compare the Marsh Tit posts when I transfer files from my laptop, via a memory stick, to Indian computers with internet access. I have tried everything I can to sort it out but, this being India, it's just something we'll have to grow to love.

While I was fussing over formats, Sujan characteristically went straight for the jugular of the matter, saying, in his deep bittern-boom of a voice and his impeccably crisp Bengali English, 'People can still read it, can't they? Well, what are you worrying about?'

The wisdom of India.

News from friends today, via the miracle of email, includes black guillemots in Maine, South Georgia pintail (you work out where) and a family of three mischievous otters on the river Bure at Wroxham. Keep the news coming.

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