Wednesday, 28 October 2015


On 17th March I wrote in praise of Collar Wali, the grande dame of Pench, who saved my tiger tour by wandering along a road in front of all of my jeeps. Though thirteen years old, and the mother of five previous litters, this lovely lady was clearly heavily pregnant and it was expected that within days she would give birth.

Collar Wali, queen of Pench, by Graham Nuthall

News comes to me today from Central India (via the strange miracle of Facebook) that Collar Wali's four cubs (which I knew were well, from a video I saw a couple of months ago) continue to grow strong. The words in the article speak for themselves. For my part I simply bow my head in homage to this gorgeous cat and to the dynasty of tigers she has mothered in a Shere Khan's Seeonee Hills.

News from Pench, reproduced without permission

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