Saturday, 10 October 2015

For Dan

My friend Dan in the Naturetrek office has never seen the big hairy armadillo. It was kind, therefore, of my friend and client Helen to send him this photo from yesterday, just to make sure he knew what one looked like.

Big hairy armadillo (at low resolution)
by Helen Pinchin

He's never seen a huemul either - in fact very few people get to see the huemul - so it was kind of Helen to give me a photo of the splendid male in velvet which we saw today, close to the Grey Glacier in Torres del Paine. For Dan's sake, obviously.

Male huemul (at low resolution)
by Helen Pinchin

This evening we are in a different world. There are southern giant petrels on the ocean just metres from our hotel and in the street in Punta Arenas there are noisy cars. We are far from the culpeo fox in the Nothofagus forest this morning and the many Darwin's rheas and Chilean flamingos along our way back to town this afternoon.

Our time in Chile has been blessed. There is no other word for it. Tomorrow I take my group to Brazil, and the following day to the Pantanal. Don't worry Dan: if we see anything rare or special, I'll be sure to send you a photo.

Our spectacular hotel in Torres del Paine

My wonderful colleague Cris showing
our group wildlife in Torres del Paine

Huemul track at the Grey Glacier

Calafate in flower in the
Patagonian spring

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