Monday, 16 February 2015

Who's who: some mugshots

My friend Anne-Marie Kalus, who has travelled with me in search of tigers and leopards in India, and more leopards in Sri Lanka, is an ardent felinophile. She is also a wonderful photographer of animals, both in the wild and in captivity. To complement my post on India's cats last Friday, she has kindly let me reproduce some of her photos.

More of Anne's portraits of cats and images of wildlife from around the world may be found on her Flickr site.

Asian clouded leopard

Snow leopard

Tigress in Bandhavgarh, India

Male leopard of the subspecies kotiya
which we saw together in Yala, Sri Lanka

Asian golden cat


Eurasian lynx of the west European subspecies lynx.
Animals in the Himalayas are pale grey and more densely furred.

Pallas' cat

Rusty-spotted cat

Fishing cat

Indian or desert wildcat

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