Monday, 9 February 2015

Fame for all the wrong reasons

Today I made a Big Cat Quest appearance on The Mustard Show (Part 2 here), in addition to filming a piece on the Hawk and Owl Trust's Norwich Cathedral Peregrine project, which will be screened soon. In promoting today's interview on Twitter Mustard made a tiny orthographic error.

I'm happy with either.

In more serious news, two pieces I recently filmed with Mustard TV on Norfolk Wildlife Trust's land acquisition to complete the Cley to Salthouse Living Landscape and the construction of the Simon Aspinall Wildlife Education Centre may be found here and here.

And last week I was being taught to dance by the Maasai. It's a funny old life.

A marsh tit among Maasai by Lin Arney

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  1. Great to hear you talking about the trip Nick! They didn't get your lion joke though did they?!