Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Hanging around

A few days ago, on this very blog, I gushed over black-and-white ruffed lemurs. As I stood watching the lemurs in Mantadia, extolling their virtues to my group, my charming Naturetrek colleague Kerrie (who, though an old-Madagascar-hand, had never before seen this most glorious of species) fell for their many charms and became a ready convert to Varecia worship. Kerrie took lots of photos of wildlife, landscape and people during our Madagascar's Lemurs tour and these will appear on the Naturetrek website and blog. She has also kindly allowed me to use them here, for the purposes of marshtittery.

Here then, as a taster of the Malagasy delights to come, is a black-and-white ruffed lemur, just hanging around.

Black-and-white ruffed lemur by Kerrie Warburton

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