Thursday, 22 November 2012

Fotsy fe

22nd November

On our last walk in the lovely forest of Analamazaotra my group saw their first eastern avahis. Three adults, in an exposed huddle on a dead tree, stared at us with dopey eyes; they even allowed us to coo over their tiny round-faced infant. Hubbard’s sportive lemur was almost knocked from his popularly-voted position as cutest lemur seen on the tour.

We left the forest without having seen any of the last-minute birds I’d hoped we’d find. I resigned myself to leaving Madagascar on 990 species. A tour leader is always busy so I was late getting back to my room at Vakona Lodge to pack. As I rushed past a flowering Callistemon I heard the seven bright chips of a green jery, which I last heard here more than a year ago. The tiny olive bird was poking his sharp beak into the bristly red flowers above my head. I stopped to watch and had even less time for packing as a result, but I leave Madagascar on 991 birds for the year. Nine more to find in Norfolk before 2012 is out.

Tonight we reached Tana and in the wee small hours of tomorrow we’ll leave Madagascar, courtesy of Air France, bound for Paris and the UK.

New at the eleventh hour today


green jery
Neomixis viridis

2012 Totals
Mammals: 129
Birds: 991
Reptiles: 76
Amphibians: 23
Fish: 12

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