Monday, 29 October 2012

The king of flying creatures

28th October

In Madagascar the tale is told that in the first days of the world a great fire threatened to consume all creation. God told the flying creatures that whoever put out the fire would forever be king among them. Having great leathery wings the flying fox succeeded in putting out the blaze and thus in saving the world. The drongo however, being canny and fast of flight, smothered himself in soot and reached God first. He told Him that he had put out the blaze and that the soot on his plumage was proof of his deed. God was pleased and made the drongo, who to this day is blackened with soot, king of the flying creatures.

Some time later the flying fox arrived and told God that he had put out the blaze. God turned him away saying that it was the drongo who had saved the world and had therefore been honoured as king. The flying fox was hurt to have been cheated and resolved no longer to show respect to God. From now onwards he would hang upside down in the trees and show God his bum.

New today in Berenty


Madagascar flying fox
Pteropus rufus


Madagascar sandgrouse
Pterocles personatus

Falco peregrinus radama



Tracheloptychus madagascariensis

Trachylepis gravenhorstii
spider tortoise
Pyxis arachnoides
bark gecko
Blaesodactylus sakalava

2012 Totals
Mammals: 102
Birds: 952
Reptiles: 53
Amphibians: 15
Fish: 11

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