Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Mora mora

Last year, in the report for a lemur tour I led in Madagascar, I wrote the following of my remarkable colleague Claude Rambeloson:

But without doubt our greatest thanks must go to Claude, our guide, naturalist, mastermind and interpreter of all things Madagascar. He is a rare combination of a charming person, an encyclopaedic mind, a brilliant field naturalist, a gifted linguist and a natural comic. Our experience of his beautiful country would have been half as good without him. 

Last night I learned that I'll be working with Claude again on the three-week tour I'm leading this month and possibly the two-week lemur tour which I lead in November. I went to bed with a giant smile, thinking of the laughs we'll laugh, the couas we'll see and the huge amount I'll learn from Claude's humble, humourous genius.

Claude and a bearded tit by Jane Starmore

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