Monday, 17 September 2012

Why badger the badgers?

The government is poised to issue the first licences to shoot badgers in its ill-informed, unscientific cull. Much more information on the cull may be found here in an article published yesterday in The Guardian.

No-one in the conservation community opposes the control of bovine TB or fails to feel for the farming families affected. However, the science conducted independently over many years and at huge expense to the taxpayer all indicates clearly that a badger cull will be ineffective and most likely counter-productive. The government is willfully choosing to ignore the hard evidence in the face of political pressure. If you are in any doubt as to the lack of scientific credibility of the cull, watch this short video, released by the Badger Trust, in which Sir David Attenborough, George Monbiot, Simon King and Mark Carwardine explain their misgivings.

If you would like to help badgers please sign the Badger Trust's petition against the cull, the link to which may be found on their website.

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