Friday, 13 January 2012

No expert

Tomorrow I travel. Unusually for me, I'm not off to some far Himalaya or an otter-heavy oxbow of the Amazon. I'm travelling in the UK, giving talks on India to promote the tours I lead there for Naturetrek. More may be found out here. It's not true though: I'm certainly no expert. Rather, I love India; I love her moods and her coy blushes; I love her song and her wail; I love her quick eyes and her ever-changing meanings; and above all I love her smile-hearted people and incomparable wildlife. It is an honour to know them.

Except the gray eagle and an occasional far-seen bear grubbing and rooting on the hillside, the vision of a furious painted leopard met at dawn in a still valley devouring a goat, and now and again a bright-coloured bird, they were alone with the winds and the grass singing under the wind.

Rudyard Kipling

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