Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Missing lynx

I don't remember which of my clients in South America recently suggested the title of this post. Whoever it was, I'm grateful. For the Iberian lynx, indeed lynxes in general, are missing from the list of cats I have seen during this marvellous year.

So far that is. By next week I hope this situation will have been rectified. Today I am off to London to stay with my great friend Gavin and eat at his local Indian restaurant where three weeks ago he took this photo of me with its highly distinctive tiger.

Tomorrow morning Gav's dad DTH, our old friend Roger and I are bound for Seville and Doñana, there to search for the Iberian lynx for three days (before the arrival of a week-long Naturetrek tour, also in search of this rarest cat in the world, led by my Ecuadorian friend Byron Palacios with a little help from me).

To get you in the mood for lynx-watching (lynx-watching I hope, lynx-searching at the very least) here are some photos taken last year in Doñana by my friend Chris Hutchinson who, with Christine, was with me last month in Chile and Brazil, watching pumas and jaguars. Finally, here too is a photo taken last Wednesday in Doñana by my new colleague, Byron's friend José Manuel Bernal, who will be instrumental in our search for the cat there.

It is a spectacular cat indeed. Wish me luck.

Iberian lynx by Chris Hutchinson

Iberian lynx by Chris Hutchinson

Iberian lynx by Chris Hutchinson

Iberian lynx by Chris Hutchinson

Lince ibérico por José Manuel Bernal

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