Monday, 4 May 2015

On our second night drive in Tabin we saw...

... only three mammals.

The third was a common palm-civet, scuttling away from the road as we reached our lodge. The second was a yellow muntjac nibbling leaves at the edge of the track in our headlights. The first was a western tarsier's bottom. In a barely believable stroke of brilliance Mohammad spotted the tarsier deep in tangled cover. We leaped from the vehicle and found it (at least its tail and bottom) in a cluster of dead leaves. For most of my group, tail and bottom were all they could see, but the the tail and bottom of a tarsier.

As we came back from our third drive this morning, Bornean gibbons with young looped through the trees around us, Sunda pig-tailed macaques made mischief among the fresh leaves of roadside vines, and a crested goshawk dropped by. Here at the lodge orange-bellied flowerpeckers and lesser green leafbirds poke at the pink tassel flowers of Samanea trees and my weary group is off to rest through the day.

Good place Tabin.

Fifteen drives to go.

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